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BAMF Welcome!
Welcome to the clan! We are PvP'ing junkies who love anything and everything PvP.  We are pretty chill for the most part until we get into the battlezone then it is cool goggles on and head to the floor.  You have agreed to our rules in which you saw in the application if you are a member so please abide by those rules and you will be fine.  So please... if you have come to witness the fine arts of PvP, then you belong here because that is what we do!

Please read the rules in the forums and for any references please refer to the library for spec look ups, changes in the updates as well as valuble collected PvP information.

*Clan Rules*

1. For any KoS kills you must submit a screenshot and must kill them by yourself, only if they are in a party may you group up with others to take them.

2. No crybabies allowed, if you cry you will be kicked, we do not tolerate a minor attitude.

3. No admin abuse or officer abuse, if any is even heard of you will be demoted after an investigation is conducted. 

4. Understand this is a game so we do have a life to live and will occasionally be out.

5. In no way is spawn camping more than 5 times allowed, if someone camps you nonstop call on us and we will handle it as a family, but if you retaliate in vengence then your point to get across to them is invalid, we show by force not by stooping to their level. 

6. If you need resources  submit a request on this site, or ask in-game via mail or personal request.

7. Do not abuse rights in Mumble as we have an admin sitting idle in ghost mode at all times, do not trash talk your fellow clan mates or Republic branch at all, any abuse will earn you a first class boot and banhammer on Mumble. 

8. Show respect to your officers and Warlords, obviously a bad result will become of that situation if you wish to test us.

9. Have fun! In the end this is a game but common courtesy earns you brownie points, but if you are a brown nose then you will never be moved up in the rankings, you earn promotions by showing your might and hard work, and by staying loyal. You don't earn it by kissing up to us and by asking non-stop for a promo, if you keep asking you will remain asking and never be moved up.
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Current events!

Gladiatorkom, Feb 17, 13 2:27 PM.
Alright peeps, we have a 2nd branch of BAMF on the Republic side, as well as a mumble server which the info is in the description in-game. Now here is how the Mumble server will work, we have a Republic only side which will be password protected, in which the Republic side will hand out the password for their end of Mumble, and on our side we will hand out the password for ours, and then we have a "Meet in the middle" part of mumble for everyone to coverse with each other.  We want a derived competition when it comes to PvP, so what better way than to have our branches fight amongst each other on the battlefield.  But at the same time when there is a clan who thinks they are better than us we will hit them no matter what side we are on.  So in the best words ever stated....   Happy Hunting.   


BAMF is born!

Gladiatorkom, Feb 8, 13 10:11 PM.
Welcome to the cool train
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